Strategic and Scientific Recommendations to Remove
Problems Associated with Digestive Distress…
The Root of All Health Concerns

A staggering number of people are suffering from problems rooted in digestive distress. Wise Way Nutrition helps individuals and families solve the mystery of how food and digestion can play causative roles for many common health conditions, and are therefore at the root of how we heal. Knowing health basics: eat—but, don’t over eat, drink water, get adequate sleep and consistent exercise; is a start, but falls short when trying to resolve the deep and extensive digestive health issues.

Coping with constant stressors, fatigue, body pain, lack of focus and moodiness are just some of the challenges people suffer—many for months or even years. Feeling depressed and frustrated while having to navigate numerous problems that block lasting results too often erodes our commitment to stay a course that serves the body, heals pain and is practical for life.

Wise Way Nutrition works with people who want to address these physical challenges in order to make healing and life more fun, functional and enduring.

Time vs Nutrition

Prioritize and plan to reduce stress and maximize your return on the time you invest in your health.

The Issue of Time vs Nutrition

Overcome Cravings

How to create healthy habits and sidestep the slippery slope of bodily insult and injury.

5 Strategies for Cravings

S.O.U.L. Food

Scientifically based nutritional therapy to alleviate diet related diseases and health concerns.

S.O.U.L. Food / Nature’s Remedy

Progress Not Purity

Wise Way Nutrition’s individual Diet Directions help to balance energy and nourish hunger.

Its About Progress Not Purity
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The Heart of Wise Way’s Nutrition Message

Wise Way Nutrition purposefully educates people about the impact food choices have on health, potential (progress and development) and happiness (confidence and peace).

The process of identifying and then eliminating foods, choices and behaviors that undermine growth, performance and restoration are fundamental discoveries at Wise Way Nutrition. We help empower people to find solutions for dietary issues and make recommendations for how to integrate and embrace nourishing foods, dance the steps of how to balance the body’s need for energy and fortify a method for increasing positive lifestyle choices.

Learn About the Benefits of Nutrition Consulting

Wise Way Nutrition Programs & Services


Family Consulting

Difference of Living vs. Thriving

Family Consulting:

• Beat back cravings for sugar, salt, fat and flavors
• Transform “growing” food into the go-to choice
• Making food choices is a learned behavior
• Promote a hearty family culture
• Back to basics…Eating for Health

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Nutrition Services

Services for Individuals & Families

Fact vs Fiction about Nutrition

Wise Way Nutrition works with individuals and families to help them incorporate and adopt innovative wellness practices. Examples of our services include pantry clean outs, grocery store tours, cooking classes for adults & children…

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Individual Consulting

Putting Order Into Chaos

Individual Consulting:

• Remove Obstacles…Silence Excuses…Achieve Goals
• Cut to the chase…you’re ready to design stable changes that restyle your approach to eating and improve your quality of living by achieving lasting results
Quit chasing symptoms! Get answers for how to eat and feel your best
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Meet Dawn of Wise Way Nutrition

Dawn’s interest and belief in the intrinsic power of the body, mind and spirit have driven her to investigate and study anatomy, physiology, individual behavior patterns and spiritual growth – all of which has informed her 20 years of holistic work and supported her practice.

Becoming a mother in 2003 was a pivotal catalyst for Dawn to learn about how to provide the most critical components of nourishment for herself and her family. Her awareness of America’s poor nutritional standards and her playful hobby of seeking out delicious “healthy” food led to adventurous and scientifically-based home cooking as she taught herself to craft meals with seasonal organic whole foods that pack a nutritional punch. Dawn learned to claim her kitchen domain, to teach and talk to her family, clients, children and adults about the benefits and impact of making nourishing food choices.

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