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Spring Detox Program—Balance Your Body’s Toxic Burden

A detoxification program can help you to increase your metabolism and energy and remove obstacles that may be preventing weight loss. Eliminating foods that increase your body's toxic burden can heal skin conditions, digestive distress and can reduce pain.

A Detoxification Program to Nourish Not to Deplete

Please join me for a 14-Day Food-Based (supplement free) Detoxification Program at Elevate Wellness Center starting Monday, November 2, 2015 at 6pm. Download Program flyer […]

What do pH and being parched have in common?

Food and beverages leave either an alkaline or acidic “ash” (a chemical residue) that stimulate a buffering system of physiological activity to balance pH.

Most people, […]

Metabolic Syndrome — A Nutrition Nightmare

Interestingly, individuals’ metabolize nutrients, generate energy and filter the by-products of these processes differently. Dietary choices, activity level, lifestyle and behavior choices cumulatively impact the […]

*Winter Cleansing-Diet-Direction to Reboot Your Body

A *Winter Cleansing-Diet-Direction calls for recipes that are easy to digest and keep you warm which can help support regeneration and protect your body during […]

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