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A new year with new beginnings is how 2016 is unfolding for me.  I feel so passionately about how powerful the role of nutrition is […]

A Detoxification Program to Nourish Not to Deplete

Please join me for a 14-Day Food-Based (supplement free) Detoxification Program at Elevate Wellness Center starting Monday, November 2, 2015 at 6pm. Download Program flyer […]

The Benefits of Soaking Grains and Beans

Grains and legumes (beans) are full of beneficial nutrients for our body. Together they are a complete protein, which means they provide all the essential […]

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Metabolic Syndrome — A Nutrition Nightmare

Interestingly, individuals’ metabolize nutrients, generate energy and filter the by-products of these processes differently. Dietary choices, activity level, lifestyle and behavior choices cumulatively impact the […]

Recommendations to Avoid Putting “Sand” in your “Gas Tank.”

In a nutshell, being a certified nutrition consultant means I think about food a lot, and I’ve studied and researched the cascading affects of food […]

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