Partner with Certified Nutrition Consultant, Dawn Sitchon, for a 14-day food based, completely supplement free detoxification program. This program is designed for those who want to expand their understanding of toxicity and the process of detoxification by eating whole foods and exercising.

This program will help you to:

  • Fire up your metabolism and energy throughout the day
  • Diminish foggy brain and lack of focus
  • Reset your digestion and remove obstacles for weight loss
  • Overcome feeling fatigued after you eat
  • Decrease craving sugary and salty foods
  • Heal skin conditions, stomach pain, joint pain, and more

Take advantage of all the benefits, including daily meal plans, therapeutic detox recipes, shopping lists, educational presentations, group exercise meetings, and recipe swaps!

The most vital meeting to attend is the first one on Monday, May 18th. The others are optional (although still filled with lots of beneficial information and recipe swaps).

For more information and to register, please contact:

Elevate Wellness Center at (530) 541-9355
Dawn at (530) 308-8597 |

Meeting Dates at Elevate Wellness Center – Meetings 6-7pm

Monday, May 18 Introduction

  • Benefits and advantages of detoxification
  • 10 day meal plan and recommendations for detoxification nutrient support
  • Recipes
  • Shopping list
  • Calendar for group exercise meetings (dates and times will vary)

Wednesday, May 20 Detoxification Meal Plan

  • Causes and effects of toxicity
  • Recipe swap

Wednesday, May 27 Toxic Cravings and Emotions

  • Building muscles, mindful behavior,and physical therapy
  • Recipe swap

Monday, June 1 Diet Directions

  • How to eat for health long-term