Please join me for a 14-Day Food-Based (supplement free) Detoxification Program at Elevate Wellness Center starting Monday, November 2, 2015 at 6pm. Download Program flyer here.

Seasons are changing which traditionally signifies the time when it’s best to cleanse-purify, reset-refine, and nourish-tone the body. I recommend removing obstacles and making clear choices for our health, because it is deeply empowering and beneficial to every facet of our lives.

My 14-Day Food-Based Detoxification Program is an inspirational opportunity for you to overcome feeling fatigue or low energy, pain, illness, allergies and other symptoms of just not feeling 100%.  The program utilizes an elimination diet, therapeutic recipes, healthy lifestyle tips and informs about where toxic-burden stems from and how to diminish its impact.

This program nourishes the body, mind and heart by focusing on eating nutrient dense and delicious recipes, following a therapeutic detoxification meal plan and educational presentations provided for you to help guide you step-by-step through the detoxification process.

For more information and to register for the program please contact me directly by following the link below, or call Elevate Wellness Center at 530.541.9355.  Early Bird Registration is through October 26, 2015 for $125 or after October 26, 2015 for $150. This includes all materials, group presentations and Q & A sessions.

Schedule a Free Consultation today to discuss your motivation for improving health, dietary choices and meal planning for yourself and/or your family, and to determine whether or not my programs and consulting services are right for you.

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