Family Nutrition Consulting Programs

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Nutrition Consulting Programs starting at $300.

Step 1: Schedule a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your motivation for improving health, dietary choices and meal planning for yourself and/or your family and to determine whether or not my programs and consulting services are right for you.

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Beat back cravings for sugar, salt, fat and flavors

Wise Way Nutrition consultants blow the cover off of so-called “convenience” foods and reveal how “convenience” is bankrupting children’s potential and draining energy needed to support families.
  • Taking the cake for costly food choices are the plethora of refined, processed and chemical laden “food” products that line grocery store shelves, convenience stores and restaurant menus
  • The link between children being undernourished and negative effects on the brain, body and emotions from malnutrition are well documented scientifically diminish feelings of anxiety and minimize episodes of anger and immature demands for foods that are disruptive and damaging to growth, development and performance.
  • Current science clearly demonstrates that eliminating negative reactions from food by identifying food sensitivity, food intolerance and allergies to be a lasting remedy that sometimes offers immediate shifts in mental, behavioral, emotional and physical health concerns. Establishing how to access and consistently make better food choices and consume nutrient dense S.O.U.L. foods can help heal and diminish behavior and focus issues, as well as symptoms of sickness and lethargy, all of which have been directly linked to diet related symptoms.
  • Brain drain vs Brain food: identify opiate reactivity and hyperactivity triggers to unchain brain chemistry and improve behavior, capacity to focus and attitude.
  • Wise Way Nutrition consultants have valuable information and practical strategies for incorporating healthy dietary staples into your daily menus, as well as for overcoming emotionally charged cravings for chemically altered, enriched, processed and flavored foods from the shopping cart and the pantry.
Transform “growing” food into the go-to choice…Making food choices is a learned behavior.  Having fun in the kitchen helps kids want to eat real food!
  • Children’s growth and development depend on nourishing eating habits and routines. Optimal intake levels of quality proteins, healthy fats, complex carbohydrates and phytonutrients are all essential to maximize potential.  
  • Wise Way Nutrition missions educate families with food “intelligence” lessons. Learning why and how to care about the digestive system, cellular health, sound body and brain offers lessons on how to make positive food choices that can become your family’s “new normal” and last a lifetime. Sharing information about the uses and therapeutic benefits of food substantiates what foods to choose making eating healthy the go-to choice.  

Back to basics…benefits of home cooking



Making food choices is a learned behavior

Cooking nutritious, delicious, playful recipes based on S.O.U.L. (Seasonal, Organic, Unprocessed, Local) whole foods are scaled into a repertoire that will have you singing in the kitchen, feeling confident about being creative and have your family working together as a team.

Promote a hearty family culture

  • Partnering with a WWN consultant will prioritize and permit you to apply the changes you are ready to make to have your family life function with the unity, vitality and playfulness that keep you feeling young at heart.  
  • Critical to individual and familial success is establishing a solid foundation for what, why, when, where and how you eat.
  • WWN supports you in eliminating the feeling of being a short order cook when it comes to mealtime. Learn to transform complaints and disdain over what is being served for snacks and meals into conversations about how the body uses food, where ingredients come from and what additions for nutrition make recipes even better.
  • Directing relationships with food and aligning them within the family is a practice that requires dynamic awareness about the critical components of nourishment. 

Family Nutrition Consulting Options

Step 1: Schedule a free 30-minute phone session to discuss your motivation for improving health, dietary choices and meal planning for your family and to determine whether or not my programs and consulting services are right for you.

Family Nutrition Consulting Programs start at $300. Contact Wise Way Nutrition to determine the best program and most accurate quote for you and your family to get started.

Consultation Program Options: 4 weeks to 6 months

  • Initial Consultation (30 minute-45 minutes) Health History Intake, Assessments, Questionnaires, and Food/Mood/Activity Journal
  • Diet Analysis and Diet Direction for each person in the family
  • Palatte building for nourishment addressing various ages and stages of life
  • Defining Functional Food Culture–Redirecting food choices
  • “Intelligence” lessons: Why and How to source, shop and meal plan
  • Back to Basics…benefits of home cooking