In a nutshell, being a certified nutrition consultant means I think about food a lot, and I’ve studied and researched the cascading affects of food and the body. But, personally I still experience a pretty consistent battle within when it comes to eating sugar. A pretty simple analogy that encourages reason to calm my emotions and overcome a sugar craving is when I consider my body like my car. I would not put sand in the gas tank of my 4- Runner so why eat something that is mostly sugar and refined carbs which usually makes me feel bloated and sets me up to crash before I can get where I am going? Looking outward, deeper within, beyond myself or at least past what will simply make my tongue happy is a pretty quick redirection offering me an opportunity to service my being—body and spirit with nourishment.

Being present with the season is another simple step towards making mindful food choices that provide nourishment. Unfortunately many people will succumb to the common cold or flu this season. Choosing winter seasonal foods that have therapeutic properties to support the immune system can reduce the likely-hood of catching a cold or flu or at least can lessen the duration of the illness. Taking advantage of the most therapeutic benefits of eating seasonal foods starts with eating them as staples throughout the long cold winter months. Winter squash varieties, potatoes, root vegetables, winter greens, mushrooms, apples, pears and citrus fruits are the most common and versatile winter foods. Olives, walnuts, and flax seeds are a few winter foods that are good sources of healthy fats which help fight bacteria and viruses from taking hold and they help keep the body moist and insulated from the dry and cold climate. Winter foods, such as root vegetables and squash draw nutrients from deep within the earth that give our body vital minerals, vitamins and phyto-nutrients which have antioxidant protection and immune boosting capacity.

When considering what foods to eat redirect yourself from asking “is this a right food or a wrong food,” and instead consider food for how it can nourish you. Another simple step is to read the nutrition label and see how much sugar, salt and fat are in the food compared to protein and fiber. Turning down foods that are stocked with salt, sugar and their enhancer—fat can have you pass on many foods that undermine your body’s need for energy and nourishment.

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