I’m not usually a pessimist, but when it comes to talking and learning about the process of detoxification, and the impact toxins have on our body’s and our mind’s I have to fight hard to deny the “glass is half empty” perspective.  Our body’s toxic burden can constantly be under fire to increase,  because of the onslaught of toxins being released into the atmosphere, sprayed on our food supply and loaded in products we consume and use.  The reality of our body’s toxic burden is increasing which is the result of modern day living and practices; many of which are out of our immediate control.

Our body’s methods for detoxification are complex and are multifaceted.  We not only have to be aware of the plethora of physical toxins we come in contact with that negatively alter our biochemical physiology (a.k.a: nourishment, energy production, mood, sleep pattern, weight, mental clarity), we also need to consider toxic thoughts, emotions and beliefs which trigger our biochemical physiology as well.

Herein lies the ultimate answer to why learning about detoxification and participating in my 14-Day Whole Food Detoxification Program can not only protect you, it can be a  transformative experience.  Identifying toxic sources, understanding how the body removes toxins, learning how to avoid and reduce contact with toxins and eliminating toxins that come from our food supply can vastly improve how you feel, how you make choices as a consumer and how you can eliminate toxins which can help you to heal, repair and reset your body and mind.

Here are all the details for the detoxification program I am teaching starting May 25, 2016.  I’m teaching this class at two different times, morning and evening so you can come to whatever class works best for your schedule! Please contact me directly to register and to answer any questions you have.  I hope to see you in class!Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 4.21.35 PM