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5 Tips to Eat-4-Health

Coming to terms with how many aspects of life are beyond our control is a journey experienced by all people. Fortunately, the choices we make […]

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Butternut Squash and Vegetable Soup — Winter’s Elixir

Feeling warm and in a cocoon of comfort is sought after by many during the long cold months of winter. Staying home and enjoying peaceful […]

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*Winter Cleansing-Diet-Direction Classes Offered at Elevate Wellness

How can a *Winter Cleansing-Diet-Direction help reboot your body and improve the quality of your life in 2015?

Wise Way Nutrition will be offering a four-part […]

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The Benefits of Soaking Grains and Beans

Grains and legumes (beans) are full of beneficial nutrients for our body. Together they are a complete protein, which means they provide all the essential […]

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What do pH and being parched have in common?

Food and beverages leave either an alkaline or acidic “ash” (a chemical residue) that stimulate a buffering system of physiological activity to balance pH.

Most people, […]