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Metabolic Syndrome — A Nutrition Nightmare

Interestingly, individuals’ metabolize nutrients, generate energy and filter the by-products of these processes differently. Dietary choices, activity level, lifestyle and behavior choices cumulatively impact the […]

Recommendations to Avoid Putting “Sand” in your “Gas Tank.”

In a nutshell, being a certified nutrition consultant means I think about food a lot, and I’ve studied and researched the cascading affects of food […]

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*Winter Cleansing-Diet-Direction to Reboot Your Body

A *Winter Cleansing-Diet-Direction calls for recipes that are easy to digest and keep you warm which can help support regeneration and protect your body during […]

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*Winter Cleansing-Diet-Direction Classes Offered at Elevate Wellness

How can a *Winter Cleansing-Diet-Direction help reboot your body and improve the quality of your life in 2015?

Wise Way Nutrition will be offering a four-part […]

Does Your Body Store Fat or Burn It?

Blood Sugar and Insulin Secretion

The type (meal composition) and amount (frequency and quantity) of carbohydrate ingested determine your body’s secretion of insulin, the central hormone […]